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Mariachi Academy of Music has an outstanding team of dedicated instructors, all of whom are determined to help the student succeed. With over 60 years of combined teaching experience, our team will work together to advance your child's musical talents. With an established curriculum and a proven methodology, every child will learn to perfect the talent of interpreting mariachi music.

Felipe Garcia

Program Director

Founder Felipe, a seasoned mariachi performer, mentors students with dedication, fostering musical skills and a deep appreciation for mariachi's cultural significance.

Victor Rosales


Victor, a charismatic mariachi maestro, ignites a love for mariachi in his students with patient guidance and infectious enthusiasm, creating an unforgettable learning experience

Miguel Chavez


Miguel, a devoted mariachi musician, shares his love and knowledge with students, inspiring them to embrace the rich traditions of this art form.

Itati Ramos


Itati, a passionate mariachi musician, empowers students through self-expression in this beautiful tradition, emphasizing music as a source of inspiration and self-discovery.

Antonio Perez


Antonio, a patient and passionate musician, bridges generations through mariachi, believing in the music's power to connect and dedicated to passing to students his culture.

Francisco Rivera


Francisco's extensive mariachi background adds authenticity to his teaching. He nurtures camaraderie and joy in music, inspiring students to embrace the spirit of mariachi.

Leonardo Guzman


Leonardo, a vibrant mariachi musician, values traditional music preservation. His energetic teaching style ensures a fun and memorable mariachi learning experience for students.

Ernesto Gonzalez


Ernesto's love for mariachi runs deep, spanning generations. He brings this rich family tradition to his teaching, inspiring students to carry on the mariachi legacy.

Daniel Chavez


Daniel, a dedicated mariachi educator, instills pride and respect for mariachi's roots in students, ensuring they become custodians of this cherished cultural tradition.

Cristian Muñoz


Cristian, a seasoned mariachi performer, guides young talents on their musical journey, instilling pride in their heritage through his commitment and years of experience.

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