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Once you’ve joined our program you can purchase a new instrument directly from us or sign up for our instrument rental program. We make the process easy; deciding what instrument to play becomes the challenge.


The guitarrón is considered to be the heartbeat of the mariachi. This instrument is a six stringed base that is played in octaves. The guitarrón is also part of the "armonia" section, responsible for establishing the rhythm, and plays in conjunction with the vihuela and the guitar. Both the guitarrón and the vihuela are unique instruments to mariachi music.


The vihuela, unique to mariachi music and part of the "armonia" section is a high pitched five string instrument, played by strumming chords to different rhythms. The vihuela plays with conjunction with the guitar which together supplements the base of the guitarrón.


Trumpets were the last instrument to be added to the mariachi group. It is customary for groups to have two trumpets each playing a different part. The trumpets add a distinct brass sound to a group that would otherwise be made up of just stringed instruments.


The Spanish acoustic guitar, which ended up replacing the original "guitarra de golpe" compliments the vihuela by adding a base sound to the harmony. The guitar is part of the “armonia” section and is responsible for keeping the rhythm of the song. Occasionally when fingerpicked, the guitar can produce notes that add an extra layer of melody to any given piece.


The violin has traditionally been a part of the mariachi music since its beginning. With a sweet sound the violin plays soft melodies and embellishments throughout the song. With mariachi songs commonly written for three violin parts simultaneously, it is common for mariachi groups to have up to six violinists.


The voice is probably the most important characteristic of Mariachi music. Music lyrics transmit meaning and messages. They tell stories of faraway places and stories of love and heartbreak. They transmit feelings of sorrow, energy, excitement, sadness, and joy.


Our Mariachi Ukulele is perfect for Kinder and first graders. The smaller size of the instrument is perfect as a transitional mariachi instrument. The class combined with voice and theory is a perfect way to introduce notes and rhythms to little ones.

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