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Violin Class

Learning the culture

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Mariachi Academy of Music provides an enriched heritage learning experience while simultaneously helping generations bridge cultural divides through music. Founded in 2014, the school has its roots in San Jose and Gilroy but also provides instruction in cities all over the bay area and reflects the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the area. Our outstanding staff is committed to accommodate each student's needs; we are eager to learn, create and grow together. Mariachi Academy of Music will nurture a student's love for music while keeping the Mariachi tradition alive.


With each instrument producing a distinct sound; when played together they create the uniqueness of what is the mariachi sound. Whether you would like to learn guitar, violin, trumpet, guitarrón, vihuela or just have a passion for singing, we will teach you the necessary fundamentals so that you can apply your talents to any style of music.




Please take a moment to explore our media room, with all the latest press releases, school information, and relevant contacts. We want to share all of the inspirational and groundbreaking stories that come straight out of Mariachi Academy of Music and out of your community. Make sure to subscribe to our parent newsletter to never miss a beat.

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Call now and try our program


While words can convey our work to some extent, visiting us allows you to truly experience it! We invite you to explore our curriculum, community impact, and student support by joining us in any of our upcoming events, activities, and student presentations to witness the remarkable achievements of our students.


Mariachi Winter Recital!

December 20, 2023

Join us for an exciting showcase of our mariachi music classes, where students will perform what they've learned. It's a chance to conquer stage fright and impress friends and family. The free event will be held at Mt. Pleasant High School at 6:00 pm. Students, please wear a white collared shirt, black pants or skirt, and black shoes.

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